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Walking Areas South Glamorgan

Glamorgan Heritage Coast

In 1973, the Glamorgan Coast became the first coastline in Wales to be awarded Heritage Coast protection. With stunning views across the Bristol Channel to Exmoor, this area is quiet and crowd free.

The best place to start exploring is at the Glamorgan Heritage Coast Centre  where 14 miles of dramatic limestone and shale striped cliffs, boulder-strewn beaches and sections of wide, white-sanded beaches are just waiting to be explored. It’s possible to walk along the beach here for miles, but watch the tide at all times. Further around the coast near Merthyr Mawr, there are huge exposed sand dunes which are being created by the prevailing winds.

In the east, a path from Penarth Esplanade to Lavernock Point, gives views across to Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel, and is where Marconi sent his first radio transmission across water. To the west, the Ogmore and Garw are two parallel coal-mining valleys, separated by hills that offer stunning views.

The Vale of Glamorgan is a fertile land separating two of Wales’ biggest cities, Cardiff and Swansea and bordered in the north by the M4. The Valeways Millennium Trail provides the perfect way to explore this intimate and quiet area. Split into 16 short sections, this 72 mile routes shows you farmland and the coast, industrial and prehistoric remains, burial chambers and charming villages.

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